"How do I deal with what I have to do?"

Therapy is an amazing experience!  But it will be the hardest part of the triad. 


There are many very beneficial types of therapy and therapists available with the goal of improving self esteem, self confidence, competence, adaptive functioning. 


Though behavior modification could be considered part of the therapeutic approach, we find it useful to separate these areas because (for many strong willed children...and some parents), devoting separate time to process feelings is crucial to building self esteem and a sense of mastery.  In a sense, behavior modification simply tells an individual "what to do" while therapy teaches skills on "how to do" what is expected.


Psychiatric practitioners are trained in therapy but we recognize the plethora of advantages to having a separate relationship with a therapist.  While treatment planning is a case-by-case decision, we encourage you to find a therapist now to help with anger management, coping skills, and organization techniques.




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