Financial Inequality and Stress

July 8, 2014

In today's society, very little stress is created in a vacuum.  The pressure to succeed, to "win", to be the best looking, to consume more and more...current Americans are doing a fantastic job of building a mental prison for ourselves and our families.  In my experience, many of the families that I encounter suffer from the self-inflicted mental fatigue that comes from feeling disempowered.


"Disempowerment" is defined as preventing a person or group from having power, authority, or influence.  Parents are people.  And when people feel disempowered by a system that they invest and believe in, it can result in anger, despair, and frustration.  And when you couple the stressors of parenting (the hardest job in the world) to managing a system that seems to be working against you, there is very little money, energy, or time left to improve the system.


Healthy discussion is helpful and I found the movie "Inequality for All" to be an interesting look into financial inequality and it encourages disempowerment.  I encourage you to look into it and then visit our advocacy page.


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