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"Do what you're good at."


There are many psychiatric services throughout Texas and we encourage you to proactively seek to understand the training, treatment modalities, and philosophies of those people who can help you improve and maintain your mental health.


Imagine a highway with high barriers that prevent you from changing lanes or from exiting.  Think of how frustrating it is for those people who would like to slow down and enjoy the drive but are being pushed forward by the flow of traffic.  Now imagine the equal frustration of those who would like to drive faster but can't because others are "in the way."


That is how our current mental health system works:  everyone is in the same lane and progress is dictated by the sheer volume of the system.  With Progressive Psychiatry, we believe in using all lanes (even the HOV) to help match patients' situations to the best treatment plan possible.  We also advocate for an increasing diversity of mental health providers to meet the needs of a growing population in need.


Progressive Psychiatry won't and can't be the end-all-be-all service to everyone; after all, that's why so many different mental health practices exist.  While we are trained in all areas of adult, child & adolescent psychiatry, we specialize in helping those highly motivated families improve their relationships faster.  


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Consultations for professionals are available and are solution focused and tailored to answer your questions and concerns in a timely manner

Consultations are available for groups/families in an informal setting that provide education about the use of medications in children with these disorders. 

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