Medication Management


"What can help me do it, knowing that medications don't change behaviors."​

Strangely enough, medication has a very small overall role in the field of child psychiatry.

As I have often joked with many of my patients, "If I had a medicine that would make you make good decisions, don't you think I'd have given it to you already?"


In psychiatry, we have medications that help you feel less depressed but not a single one to create happiness or contentment.  We have agents that decrease the severity of worrying, improve focus and concentration; that break cycles of aggression and agitation, and help stabilize mood.  But we have yet to find a medication that creates good decision making.  


We are here to help you explore medication options.  


Medications are a small pillar in the triad and we make it our goal to use the smallest amount of medications for the shortest amount of time.   Because of our unique approach to the 3 tiered treatment plan (and families who are ready to tackle hard issues), our patients become more functional faster, resulting in improved relationships and personal empowerment.

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