You are your best advocate

Access to affordable and timely mental health care will require you to stand and let your voice be heard.  While many people have become disempowered by years of corporate interests, we at Progressive Psychiatry are hoping that you will learn how powerful your voice is.  


"As individual fingers we can easily be broken but all together we make a mighty fist."  

                                                                                            - Sitting Bull

Local level

If you have interest in or are working with Progressive Psychiatry, you have made the first step in changing the system because the most effective change starts at home.  When you commit to changing your life and that of your family, it is then time to rally everyone (kids included) and begin to advocate for your neighbors, friends, colleagues.  Volunteer locally to raise awareness of mental health.  This can be through a civic organization, church, or charity.  Call up your friends and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  

State and National Level

"A closed mouth doesn't get fed."  There are multiple initiatives both state and nationwide to promote equality in accessing mental health services. One way to find out what's available is to contact NAMI:  the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  NAMI has state and local chapters as well.  Visit the "Resources" tab above for more information.

Letter Templates

As Progressive Psychiatry grows, we hope to add links that you can download and co-sign and mail to your elected officials so that you can share your voice about the mental health care services in your area. 


Check back often as we hope to keep a steady list of relevant topics; just print, stamp, and sign!


Click on the buttons below to open standard letters that advocate for your mental health rights.



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