We Work Together

We created this page as a way to communicate our policies and views.  Transparency and understanding are key to good patient/provider relationships and we value our patients' thoughts and feedback.  If you have questions or thoughts, feel free to email us at info@progressivepsychiatry.org and we'll get back to you!

Why no insurance?

Prepay Saturday Appointments

Great question! Head over to our FAQ page to find out about our philosophy and to learn how to create an out-of-network claim with your insurance company.

To accommodate the growing need for services, we've begun to offer weekend and evening hours.  To make these as efficient as possible and to be respectful of our providers' time and travel, and we ask that off-hours appointments be pre-paid at the time of scheduling.  


Our office staff will gladly assist you with questions/concerns and you can elect to pay via the Onpatient portal.  Refunds are easy if rescheduling is needed but are subject to our policies regarding cancellations and no-shows.

Auto Generated Refill Requests

Pharmacies are very busy businesses.  In order to make a profit, there are defined numbers of prescriptions that they must fill on a daily basis.  In order to keep costs down, they often keep a slim staff to fill huge volumes of prescriptions.  This means immediately responding to your requests to contact your doctor's offices is difficult and may not happen when you think.


At Progressive Psychiatry, we too try to keep our staff streamlined but we've noticed an increasing number of gaps with automated pharmacy refill requests.  Often times pharmacies may have our contact info incorrect (e.g. fax number) causing major delays.


To address this concern, starting 4/15/2016 we will no longer accept auto-generated requests from your pharmacy.  Instead, log onto Onpatient or call us at  682-200-1744.


Thanks for trusting us with your mental health care needs!


5 Day Refill Policy

Our providers work tirelessly to make a difference in their communities. We ask that you give us a 5-business day window in order to submit refills.


We try (and usually succeed) to complete them much sooner than 5 business days, but keep in mind that we may not be able to accommodate a last-minute refill request. Refill requests are completed at a faster rate when submitted through OnPatient.

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