General Consultation Services

I was fortunate to train in a Triple Board Program that incorporated specific training in pediatrics, adult psychiatry, and child & adolescent psychiatry.  This program provided me a unique insight into systems of care and how to maximize quality patient care for mental and physical wellness.  


Recognizing that misinformation can be as dangerous to providers and families as "no information," we offer the following consultation services:

For the pediatrician, we offer consultation services in the following areas:

- Severe autism

- Treatment resistant/refractory ADHD


For the child psychiatrist, we offer consultation services that incorporates behavior modification in the following areas:


- Treatment resistant/refractory bipolar disorder in pre-pubertal children

- Treatment resistant/refractory ODD/Conduct Disorder


Please note:  consultations are meant for recommendation purposes only and do not establish a provider-patient relationship.  If you would prefer your patient form provider-patient relationship with Progressive Psychiatry, please have them complete the Intake form.



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