Good.  Staying busy is a great engine for creativity and growth.  Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle can put you into a "grind" without you even recognizing it.  Just like it sounds, that "grind" can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and many other mental health concerns.


Behavior modification is powerful.  As part of our 3 pronged-treatment plan, asking yourself:

"What can I do to improve my situation?" 

"What can I stop doing that's unhelpful?" are empowering techniques to take back control of your life.

Lifestyle coaching is a behavior modification/therapy hybrid that helps with the practical day-to-day aspects in life.  From mindful dietary choices, to how you dress, and the home you keep, there are powerful small adjustments you can make right now to improve your mental health.  Oftentimes, it takes someone else to help you see these areas of opportunity.

Having seen the talents of coaches from Lifestyle Concierge, we encourage you visit their website.

*Disclaimer: Progressive Psychiatry, PA has no financial ownership in this company nor do we verify the quality of their work; please be judicious in your health decisions as always.

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