Bridging ADHD Clinic

The presence of ADHD in adults can be hard to identify given its' overlap with other more common psychiatric concerns (anxiety, depression, daily stressors of the rat race of life).  In addition, the presence of substance use (nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, etc) can create symptoms mimicking ADHD.  Thus, of utmost importance in diagnosing and treating adult ADHD, a thorough mental health evaluation is warranted and through a caring relationship with a provider, improvement can occur.


Adult ADHD can manifest in many different ways including as distraction, worry, procrastination, forgetfulness and moodiness; these can influence your self esteem, your productivity, and your sense of well being.  In creating this clinic, we hope to bring you peace of mind about your diagnosis (if applicable) while working to find ways to limit your exposure to medications and improve mindfulness and self actualization.


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While you await our reply regarding your Intake, please obtain the following documents which you will be required to fax us before your first appointment:

1.  Documented ADHD diagnosis and treatment during childhood OR a current diagnosis from a licensed mental health professional (e.g. psychiatrist, psychologist, LPC, LCSW, etc)
2.  Documentation of any past cardiac conditions

3.  Documentation of past medical concerns (e.g. thyroid, headaches, seizures, etc)

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