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Growing up, my Momma taught me that "if you know better, you have to do better."  I have had the great fortune of working with kids in multiple settings and have learned that the field of child psychiatry is often misunderstood from multiple angles.  A physician mentor during my training once said "no child is born with a Risperdal deficiency" and this resonated with me:   medications can provide benefits, but their over-emphasis diminishes the true healing premise of mental health:  the relationship between patient and provider.  


Having worked in the teaching, community mental health, and private health care settings, I have found many forces (personal, professional, financial, psychological, etc) affect the availability, access, expectation, and quality of mental health care.  Building this private practice allows me to take the best parts and provide them to my patients; I am proud of what we've accomplished so far.


While I am a fully trained and board certified child & adolescent psychiatrist, I founded Progressive Psychiatry to show Texans that mental health is important and can be completed in safe, efficient, and empowering techniques for people of all ages.  We look forward to working with you.

Onward and upward!

Brian J. Dixon, M.D., Owner

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Board Eligible Pediatrician

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