Behavior Modification


"What can I do to improve my situation?  What can I stop doing that's unhelpful?"

Behavior modification is our specialty.  We create individualized behavior plans for each of our patients to help heal relationships, build personal resilience, and empower our families to live their best life.


The most amazing aspect of consistent behavior modification is how straightforward and empowering it feels when implemented.  


Behavior modification includes the tenets of the Transtheoretical Model Stages of Change:


Precontemplation - "It's not a problem."

Contemplation - "Something's wrong and I need to look into it."

Preparation - "I need to do something about this...but what?"

Action - "I am going to change this."

Maintenance - "How do I keep this going?"


Progressive Psychiatry is designed for the individual and/or family that has reached the "action" phase.  Let's capitalize on that!

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