Autism & Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (DID) Consultation Services


The practice of medicine in most realms involves known boundaries that respond to known techniques (for example, if you have an ear infection, we know the most common bacteria, the antibiotic, and the quantity to use.)


However, since Autism and Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities (formerly lableled "mental retardation") have origins that are not well understood, child psychiatrists work very hard to create a holistic and individualized treatment plan based on the scarcity of information we currently have at our disposal.


This consultation service is designed to provide education on medicine options for families and caregivers who have a loved one with one of the above disorders.  It does not substitute for a full psychatric diagnostic evaluation but instead provides education so that you go to your psychiatrist's appointment with the vocabulary and knowledge of the available medication options.


Please note:  consultations are meant for recommendation purposes only and do not establish a provider-patient relationship.  If you prefer to form a provider-patient relationship with Progressive Psychiatry, please complete the Intake form.

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